Horror fans will get a real treat soon enough! Famed British actress Lena Headey is set to star in writer-director Russell Friedenberg’s The Woman Of The Woods.

The Game Of Thrones star will play Kelsay, a woman who is in the process of separating from her husband. As the soon-to-be-ex couple embarks on a final family camping trip to tell their daughter the news, they get disturbed.

It seems that the woods in the remote area of the Pacific Northwest have an evil presence in them, and their daughter gets affected by it. When they return home to Seattle, a lot of people start missing.

A police detective investigating the case is convinced that their daughter is responsible, but Kelsey sets to prove her daughter’s innocence. The only way she can do that is by facing the horrid entity.

The project is being developed by Myriad Pictures, while Heather Rae is set to produce it.

Regarding the project and Headey’s role in it, director Friedenberg stated that he’s really excited about the project, and that the famed Cersei will surely “bring an authenticity and emotional power” to the movie.