Climate change is one of the most talked about issues we as a society face today, and connoisseurs of Hollywood affairs know Leonardo DiCaprio is an environmentalist trying to raise awareness on the topic everywhere he goes.
But no worries, Leo. It’s not all that bad.

While promoting his latest film, The Revenant, which was filmed in the grueling weather of Alberta, Canada, and Argentina, the 41-year-old actor made a confusing comment on the Alberta weather.

Namely, the actor confused Alberta’s ever-changing winter weather with climate change.

The Canadian province is known for harsh winter weather followed by Chinooks, or warm gust of wind that provide relief from sub-zero temperatures. They are perfectly normal and have nothing to do with climate change.

“I’ve never experienced something so firsthand that was so dramatic,” the actor was quoted for saying.

“Turbulent and disruptive weather events are happening all over the world and are causing irreparable damage,” DiCaprio told an audience at the SAG-AFTRA Foundation’s benefit in November. “2015 has literally become the tipping point for climatic instability and it’s incredibly scary.”

Fans instantly took to social media to mock the actor’s lack of knowledge on the subject he has been so vigorously promoting everywhere he goes – climate change. Chinooks in Alberta are a regular occurrence and are unrelated to this hot button issue.