Things are moving fast in Hollywood. Only a few weeks ago the news about the German car manufacturer broke out, and it appears that there is already movie in the works.

The scandal related to the emission-testing cheating at Volkswagen is pretty huge, so Leonardo DiCaprio has decided to make a biopic on the subject.

DiCaprio and Jennifer Davisson are already onboard to produce the upcoming movie through their production company Appian Way, while Paramount has agreed to stand behind the whole project.

The film will be based on the book by Jack Ewing. Although the book is yet to be finished, we can expect a nice script and interesting story since Ewing is known to be a creative writer for the International New York Times. He is also the author of the famous book called “Germany’s Economic Renaissance”.

As Empire reports, Norton publisher snatched his pitch for a book on the whole VW saga for a “reported six figures”, and the movie deal certainly won’t hurt either.

The Scandal

in case you are lagging behind with the whole story, we’ll fill you in rather quickly. Namely, one of the biggest (if not THE biggest) car manufacturers around the globe have been faking the results of the emission tests regarding their “clean diesel” car engines.

They managed to cheat the device software in order to meet the required European standards when the car engines were being tested. This resulted in their cars producing 40% more pollution than was allowed by law.

The whole shebang cost VW billions of Euros and the company CEO, Martin Winterkorn, was forced to resign. Enough story there to make a nice movie, that’s for sure.