I should have known that I would not enjoy this ghastly movie. I think I would prefer to have bamboo shoots inserted through my fingernails than to sit through Little Miss Sunshine again.

Why, might you ask? The answer is simple. Anytime critics give rave reviews to a movie, I am usually disappointed. As I sat through this absolutely senseless flick, I kept wondering what the heck these critics were thinking? With the exception of Alan Arkin, the cast delivered horrible performances.

The only saving grace throughout Little Miss Sunshine was Alan Arkin’s character. I truly enjoyed his snappy ballsy type wit. Unfortunately, his character died early on. Once his character’s life ended so did this badly scripted film. The characters did not appear to mesh well in this ensemble.

Olive, played by Abigail Breslin, had two brief scenes where she stood out. Her screaming scene in the beginning of the film showed the viewer what a set of lungs she has.

Her character was totally forgettable from that scene on until the end of the movie when she came to life and did the striptease dance that good old grandpa taught her for the contest.

Hey, that was it and for this she was nominated for an Academy Award? Heellooo, what were they thinking?

Frank, played by Steve Carell, was as flat lined as a pancake. Didn’t they know any homosexuals in Hollywood that they could have gotten feedback from? They could have done so much with this character but they definitely missed the boat. The rest of the characters were so non-descript that they are totally forgettable.

All in all, Little Miss Sunshine was truly a waste of time and money. Presented as a comedy, I found it to be totally humorless. This is unfortunate as the actors themselves are great actors.


Regrettably they got involved with a really senseless project. This is a forgettable movie that I would not recommend at all. I am all for campy flicks but this one just borders on sheer stupidity.

This is just my opinion of this Little Miss Sunshine. If this is your cup of tea then all the more power to you.

It sure wasn’t mine. As I stated previously, bamboo shoots would be regarded less painful to this writer than having to view this horrendous flick again in this lifetime.

I’m still reeling from all the hoopla the media gave this garbled, boring film. The one redeeming quality to this film may be that, if you are having trouble sleeping, you might want to pop Little Miss Sunshine into your DVD player instead of popping a sleeping pill.