If you are not quite familiar with Louis C.K.’s comedy yet, maybe this special is not the best place to start. Perhaps you should go back to some of the previous performances this amazingly dark and honest comedian has done, just to see how murky the waters you are about to thread really are.

In order to fully appreciate Louie (I get to call him Louie), one should perhaps start from some of his earlier works and proceed onward.

Yes, his humor can be that raw, desolate, progressive, offensive, entertaining and cold.

Now that we got that out of the way, let’s see why “Louis C.K. 2017” was one of the most anticipated comedy specials over the last couple of years.

Fresh, New And From Scratch Each Time

This Louis C.K. special was taped earlier this year at DAR Constitution Hall in Washington, D.C., and although Louie has been a rather busy dude lately, working on numerous other projects besides stand-up (Baskets, Better Things, Horace and Pete), he somehow managed to come up with a yet another batch of brand new laughs.

The secret behind his engaging and thought-provoking jokes that scream immediacy and freshness each time is his thorough effort and ability to tear up his old material after each show, start over from scratch and try to top his best jokes form the previous special.

Luckily(?), the absurdness of the human race is constantly and obliviously giving him this opportunity on a monthly basis.

Unlike other famous comedians who are looking to please their faithful audiences using their classic (old) material that they know will be a slam dunk (Hi, Seinfeld, how are you?), Louie wants his fans to hear something new each time, and that’s how he managed to build such loyal cult following and so huge a fan base.

So, What’s New About The 2017 Special?

Nothing. Also everything. Louie finally decided to take Letterman’s advice and started wearing suits. It is a bit odd to see him not looking like Mr. Potato Head this time around, but we think this is a nice change. He wears a dark suit and conservative striped tie, and it is still unclear whether this move was also a joke in itself.

C.K. now looks smart and sharp while delivering jokes about the usual taboo subjects like: male genitalia, abortion, suicide, death, sexuality (his own), his daughters talking about 9/11 deniers

In that name, here’s a list of people who should (on paper) think twice before watching this special: Catholics, newlyweds, elderly married couples, teachers, dogs, children, C.K.’s own daughters…

But if you ask me, these are exactly the people who should watch it.

Like any other proper artist and comedian, Louie C.K. makes jokes that entice his fans to think about all the bad things that are happening in the world at the moment. He ever so beautifully invites us to come one step closer to the abyss, look down and embrace our inevitable demise. For only on the brink do we see things how they really are. Good guy, Louie.

The 2017 special comes out today on Netflix.