Famed actress Margot Robbie is definitely in high demand! After her successful roles in Suicide Squad and Focus, the talented and stunning actress is set for another crime-related role.

Director Vaughn Stein’s crime thriller project titled Terminal just got its leading actress.

First-time directing Stein also wrote the script, which follows two hit-men on a dangerous mission, sponsored by a mysterious high-paying employer.

While on their paths, they meet Robbie’s dynamic character, and they learn in time that her role in the whole ordeal is much bigger than they first thought.

The Terminal is being financed by Highland Film Group, and according to its officials, “the Group is delighted to be able to kick off this year’s market with another title of such strong caliber.” Pre-production is well underway.

Although he doesn’t have much experience as first director, Stein previously worked on numerous blockbusters as second and third until assistant director. His impressive resume includes movies like Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows, Snow White And The Huntsman and World War Z, In The Heart Of The Sea, The Danish Girl, Dad’s Army and Grimsby.

The beautiful Robbie is set to hit the big screens in April, in the highly anticipated comedy war drama Whiskey Tango Foxtrot.