It’s pretty clear that actors have a particular God-given talent that grants them opportunities to “live” a lot of lives in one lifetime. Also, it grants them the gateway to fun times we can only dream of. However, some actors also have talents we might not have thought they do. Among them, these 10 actors have the most unusual talents.

1. Kate Beckinsale

The amazingly talented and frankly stunning actress Kate Beckinsale has always been regarded as a woman who has a lot to offer to the world and keeps on pushing the boundaries.

But there’s another thing we all might add to the list, a thing we might call Beckinsale a “queen of the words” for.

The famed actress wrote award-wining short stories when she was younger, and she even got awarded with the national W.H. Smith Literary Award not once, but twice in a row!

The popular actress has also mastered several languages, thanks to which she can threaten someone in her movies in numerous ways and look even more bad-ass.