Let’s face it – if there was ever a versatile actor who never seizes to surprise us, it was Nicolas Cage. We could go on and on about his countless movie roles and whether they were well-performed or downright crazy. But have you ever wondered how Nic himself feels about his roles?

Luckily for those of you who did, the actor talked to Time recently and revealed what are his top picks of movie appearances.

Said Cage: “There’s a few of them, sure. I thought that Werner Herzog and I got up to something special in ‘Bad Lieutenant.’ Certainly Mike Figgus and I found something pretty emotionally naked in ‘Leaving Las Vegas.’

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He continued: “I was very happy with ‘Vampire’s Kiss,’ which in my opinion was almost like an independent laboratory to start realizing some of my more expressionistic dreams with film performance. Then using what I had learned in Vampire’s Kiss and putting it into a very big action movie in the form of ‘Face/Off’ with John Woo.”

The actor added: “If you look at those two movies back to back, you can see where I stole from my performance in ‘Vampire’s Kiss.’”

We can’t help but to be impressed by the variety of roles Nicolas Cage choose as his favorites.

His quirky and manic role in “Bad Lieutenant” was among the first glimpses of just how crazy Nic can get, especially when given the freedom only Werner Herzog could give.

His Oscar-awarded role in “Leaving Las Vegas” is on the opposite side of the spectrum.

As a failed screenwriter, he ventures to the said city in order to drown himself in alcohol, which he does in a fantastic and Oscar-worthy way.

The “Vampire’s Kiss” and “Face/Off” both feature Cage at the peak of his on-screen insanity. In the first one, he goes completely bananas after meeting a vampire, while in the latter he’s playing John Travolta, who’s playing a dude disguised as another dude. A dude-ception, really.