As Empire reports, Ridley Scott is looking to direct a big screen adaptation of the 1968 cult TV series “The Prisoner”, and although the negotiations are currently in the early stages, things are looking pretty good.

The Story of The Prisoner

The famous show from the 60’s was created by and starred Patrick McGoohan, and it was quite successful at the time.

The plot follows “a secret agent who, after handing in his credentials, is abducted and shipped off to a weird, psychedelically decorated village, where he’s pumped for information in unusual ways.

Even as he tries to figure out what’s actually going on, the man now known only as Number Six is driven to escape, which isn’t an easy task given the warped security system in place.”

“The Prisoner” was brought back to life and on small screens as a miniseries update back in 2009 starring Jim Caviezel and Ian McKellen, but it didn’t face many good reviews.

Although Universal has had the rights to make the big screen version for quite some time, the pieces are only now coming together. Better late than never, right?

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Christopher McQuarrie and William Monahan are working on the script drafts, and with Scott possibly on board, the project might hit off pretty soon.

Meanwhile, Scott will be rather busy working on his Prometheus sequel, “Alien: Covenant”, which should start shooting this February.