Six years after the famed Saw franchise came to an end, rumors surfaced that an eighth installment is being developed. Although many idea shave been pitched since 2010, Lionsgate waited until something truly good came along – and luckily for all trap-and-murder fans out there, it finally did. It has been confirmed that Saw 8 is officially being developed.

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The highly anticipated project is titled Saw: Legacy, and it already has its first two people working on it. Piranha Films’ Josh Stolberg and Peter Goldfinger are working on a script as we speak.

However, not everyone is ecstatic with this news. Many fans argue that the story had run its initial course, and that it should have ended even before it did.

Lionsgate argues that there’s still some sort of “life” in the popular franchise, which doesn’t have to be strictly attached to the main story.

The famed horror franchise began in 2004 with a low-budget movie that is now regarded as a classic. It was directed by James Wan, while writer Leigh Whannell worked on the screenplay even for the next two chapters.

It has been confirmed that the talented duo will be coming back to the movie series in the role of hands-off executive producers.