When Sean Penn made his “green card” joke at the 87th Academy Awards, many people jumped to the opportunity to call him insensitive and even racist.

A few weeks later, while promoting his new film “Gunman”, Sean Penn revealed he has absolutely “no apologies” for what he said at the ceremony when he presented Birdman’s Alejandro Iñárritu with his award.

“I’m always surprised by flagrant stupidity. I keep having more hope.”

“The fact is that I understand it. I see it all the time. When somebody sees the opportunity to frame something in the comfort that it will be common, that they can do that and they can get a group to look at them and that they will take on those positions and never really think about what it was,” the 54-year-old actor said.

“I have absolutely no apologies,” Penn concluded.

When presenting the Best Director award at the ceremony in February, Penn revealed who the award was going to go to by saying, “Who gave this son of a bitch his green card?”

Iñárritu and Penn have been good friends ever since the film “21 grams” when they worked together. The director offered his comments on Penn’s “green card” remark soon after the ceremony.

“I found it hilarious. Sean and I have that kind of brutal (relationship) where only true friendship can survive.”