Whether you prefer Sean Connery or Pierce Brosnan as the famous agent 007, there is no dispute about Daniel Craig’s success as James Bond. Since he took up the part, Sony and MGM made a deal about dishing out new movies, but that deal is coming to an end.

Rumors have it that once “Spectre” comes out in the fall, this action franchise will actually part ways with Sony.

This comes from Sony Pictures Entertainment Motion Picture Chairman Tom Rothman, who spoke to Variety recently and disclosed some pretty interesting information.

As Rothman claims: “The reality is that Sony’s had a fantastic run with the Bonds. Sure we’re going to compete for the rights, but let’s be honest, so is everybody in the business.”

The James Bond franchise has always been a successful one. Aside from featuring many famous actors and actresses over the decades, the 007 movies very actually pretty big box office hits every time they were at theaters.

Since the 1962 “Dr. No,” this franchise has either seen mild or great success. The highest-grossing Bond movie ever made was the 2012 “Skyfall,” which amassed a total of over $1 billion.

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Bottom line, Sony really did have a great run with this franchise, but Bond, James Bond will nonetheless be looking for a new employer as soon as “Spectre” hits the theaters on November 6th.