About a year ago the new “Halloween” movie seemed really plausible and possibly quite awesome with the news about Marcus Dunstan (“Collector”, “Collection”, “Saw IV”, “Saw V”) being on board to make the upcoming Michael Myers movie, but apparently he only talked the talk without walking the walk.

This basically means the 11th Halloween film is in limbo yet again, at least for 2016.

As for other details, not much else is known at the moment.

The plot is still unknown, aside from the fact that is planned as a “recalibration” after Rob Zombie’s takes on the story.

As Empire Online reports, there have been many speculations on the possible synopsis, including the one involving “two now grown-up children of Michael Myers’ victims sneaking into death row to watch the masked killer’s execution, but finding themselves in hot water when everything goes awry and Myers, of course, escapes”.

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The rights to Halloween movies currently belong to Dimension’s parent company Miramax, and are being shopped around to other studios, which prompted many fans to figure out that the upcoming Leatherface movie might as well end up in some shared movie universe with other famous villains, following a trend by Marvel’s superheroes.

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Whatever happens in the end, we’ll just be happy to see Leatherface doing his thing yet again. Not this year, though.