South Park season 20 ominously ended with a Trump-proxy figure of President Garrison standing in the oval office with a malevolent army of Member Berries hinting the dim future of America.


Now we finally get the release date for season 21 of Trey Parker and Matt Stone’s always relevant and hilarious animated satire, South Park.

The show’s official Facebook page and South Park Studios website announced that the upcoming season will premiere on Comedy Central on Wednesday, August 23, at 10pm US time.

But will we finally get to see what the endgame of those notorious Member Berries really is?

Going Back To The Old Format

South Park creators have already hinted as to how the 21st season will be structured via the title of the season 20 finale – “ The End of Serialisation As We Know It.”

This basically means that, after two seasons of linear, serialised storytelling, the show is going back to its old each-episode-is-a-standalone-story format.

Parker and Stone have also recently talked about how and why the new season of the show will keep away from political satire and Trump.

And the reason?

Can’t Parody The Parody Itself

Although the plot of the last two seasons was heavily focused on Trump and the presidential election, South Park creators realized there’s no use going back to this topic yet again.

During their interview with journalist Bill Simmons on his podcast earlier this month, Parker and Stone explained why Trump was pretty much impossible to parody.

“If you have like a little monkey and it’s running himself into the wall over and over and you’re like, ‘That’s funny, but how am I gonna make fun of the monkey running himself into the wall?’ I can discuss the monkey running himself into the wall, I can copy the monkey running into the wall, but nothing’s funnier than the monkey just running himself into the wall.”

Couldn’t put it better myself. Just a reminder – South Park season 21 release date is August 23.

Stay tuned.