1. Aeon Flux


This film was hyped up a great deal but on release it was pretty disappointing. Even leather clad Charlize Theron could not save the day in what was a very lack lustre script and supporting cast.

Flux suffered the same tragedy of over expectations that many ‘animated to live action’ films suffer. That being said, some of the concepts were cool, Bregna was a clever twist on The Garden of Eden and some of the fight scenes were well choreographed.

2. Lost In Space


Matt Le Blanc was at the height of his fame upon its release in 1998. The story line got lost in itself and failed to grip viewers throughout. From creepy robots to an awful CGI monkey named Blawp(!?).

Visuals were dull and the only thing that deserved any credit was Gary Oldman’s performance; especially as the deformed spider-like creature near the end of the film.

3. Johnny Mnemonic


Keanu Reeves was not a bad actor in The Matrix series. This futuristic flop is a different matter. He delivers no suspense in the most dramatic scenes.

The script and settings had potential to be great with a dolphin leading the way (lol)

4. Blade Trinity


Wesley Snipes is great as Blade in all three editions. The main let down in this film was too much Ryan Reynolds dialogue and a very disappointing Dracula. The final battle and ending should have been epic.

5. Resident Evil series


Mila Jovovich is great as the lead actress but none of the films offer any fear factor that the game series is famous for. Die-hard fans have been constantly let down; the zombies should have been more in the style of ‘The Walking Dead’.

6. Star Wars – The Phantom Menace


Jar-Jar Binks? Enough said on that matter! Besides a couple of worthy lightsaber duels and the pod-racing, The Phantom Menace wasted a great character that was Darth Maul.

He was given no development. For such a brave venture by Lucas film it is surprising that it all looked so cheap and tacky.

7. Jack The Giant Slayer


2013 set a new standard of special effects for us to drool over at the cinema, but any movie buff with an eye for talent still needs a good storyline. This feature had neither.

Starring Nick Hoult; it is unfortunate that even his great acting ability along with support from Ewan McGregor could not save us from the bland jokes and awful CGI.

8. X men The Last Stand


This one really was a shambles, simply a rushed climax to an otherwise great trilogy. Matthew Vaughan was right to say the film lacked emotion and the makers tried to cram in too much action.

The X Men films have a need for action, but also have a need for structure that do the characters justice.

9. The Matrix Revolutions


A Matrix film with little to no time spent in the Matrix. Many plot holes from the prequel-Reloaded were simply forgotten about.

Fans wanted to see less scenes of confusion (architect?!) and more factors that they loved from the first film. Unfortunately, Keanu Reeves looks bored half of the time on screen and any attempts at theory or philosophy in the script are marred with over dosed special effects.

10. Judge Dredd


Why oh why did Sly remove his helmet? This is evident for most of the film. It is hard to stay in character when you take away the trademark of the Hero.

Do we ever see Superman in costume without cape? I think not! A crappy take on a great comic book.