12. Donnie Wahlberg, The Sixth Sense


The Sixth Sense is sort of a supernatural drama, but it has a creepy enough vibe to qualify as a horror movie.

One of the creepiest scenes comes in the first act when Bruce Willis comes home to find a former patient, played by Donnie Wahlberg, waiting for him.

11. Midnight Swim, Jaws


Spielberg fought to not reveal the monster until the third act, leading to one of the most terrifying kills in horror history.

10. “Here’s Johnny,” The Shining


This scene has been satirized to death, but the sheer nuttiness of Nicholson’s performance and the raw, unfiltered terror in Shelley Duvall’s eyes help to create a scene that still has a lot of creep factor no matter how many times you’ve seen it spoofed.

9. Eating, Cronenberg’s The Fly


We could pick a dozen scenes at random from this movie to fill the list out, but we went with one of the sickest: Jeff Goldblum, in the middle of his fly transformation, vomiting acid onto a donut to eat it.

8. The Jump Scare, Re-Animator


A certain scene in Re-Animator might be the single greatest jump scare in movie history. You’ll know it when you see it, we dare not spoil it for you.

7. The Head Turn, The Exorcist


Still a classic, no matter how many times it’s been spoofed.

6. The Basement, Night of the Living Dead


Zombies are sort of played out these days, but this scene still manages to creep us out.

5. The Dinner Table, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre


One of the most relentless and hard-to-watch scenes in film history, the dinner table scene is horror personified.

4. Ending, The Beyond


A chilling glimpse of the afterlife, the ending to The Beyond, with its characters going blind and fading into oblivion, remains the creepiest ending in a zombie flick.

3. Confession, The Exorcist III


Many people overlook The Exorcist III as just another horror sequel, especially since The Exorcist II was so unwatchable.

But it really is a classic in its own right, full of creepy moments like the confessional booth scene, where the voice of a sweet old lady turns creepier with every word as she confesses to some pretty gruesome stuff.

2. Ending, Don’t Look Now


An atmospheric, artsy sort of film, Don’t Look Now gets you to let your guard down so that it can hit you with a pure horror shocker in the end.

1. Defribillator, The Thing


John Carpenter’s The Thing is one of the most amazing practical effects showcases ever created.

We don’t dare spoil the whole sequence for you, but here’s a teaser: when was the last time you saw a doctor’s hands get bit off by their patient’s ribcage?