The Coen Brothers are renowned for producing films that are unique and powerful. Each film produced by these directors is more like a new and startling experience rather than just another movie. A long time cult favorite, “The Big Lebowski” is often the first movie mentioned when someone asks about “best cult classic movies,” and this movie earns that title.

Ranked as one of the 150 best movies of all time on IMDB, “The Big Lebowski” tends to be a movie even loved by movie fans who aren’t particularly fond of the Coen Brothers.

Part of this comes from the likeability of the “hero,” who is described by the narrator as “Not a hero, but just a man, a man who was right for his time.”

Jeffrey Lebowski, known to everyone as “The Dude,” is described as one of the laziest men of all Los Angeles.

The Dude loves bowling, white Russians, and weed, and is shoved into an adventure because a bunch of hooligans mistake him for the millionaire Lebowski, whose wife owns Jackie Treehorn (pornographer, millionaire, and goon) a lot of money. This movie only gets stranger from here. Peppered with great one-liners from The Dude (played by Jeff Bridges), this movie is probably one of the most quoted of all time.

Many of the popular lines are built into entire scenes of dialogue, and sometimes it seems that Lebowski fans can quote most of the movie line for line.

Add in a cast of strange characters, from Donny the bowler who is always told to shut up (an inside joke among the Coens based on Steve Buschemi’s character in the movie “Fargo”) to John Goodman as Walter Sobchek, a Vietnam vet who has some serious issues, and that’s before getting into his Catholic/Jewish wrestling of faith, as well as his ex-wife’s dragging him around.

Add in three nihilists, a believed kidnapping, some of the weirdest Bohemian artsy people in any movie ever, and a cut off toe, and this film is just getting started! “The Big Lebowski” has been a cult classic for years, and is so widely loved now that it can be considered mainstream.

This movie shines in its ability to find heroes in the most unlikely of places. While this movie is hilarious, it also teems with the dysfunction, darkness, and shortcomings of all the individuals. By the end this movie still finds a way of making a strong peace with all of this and moving on, and the masterful direction of this film makes the viewers feel like they have gone along this same journey.

Although it is a shame they peed on the rug… that rug really did bring the room together.