Although many actors have taken a shot at being the 007 secret agent, the three things that always followed James Bond still haven’t changed after decades of multiple movies – a martini, awesome gadgets, and of course, gorgeous women. In that name, here are the top 12 best Bond girls of all time.

1. Jinx Johnson

Pierce Brosnan and his 007 films will be forever remembered as the ‘transition phase’ of the franchise, but there’s more to these films that initially meets the eye.

The production might not be the best and the scenario might not be plausible (was it ever?), but “Die Another Day” certainly made its mark in history.

Halle Berry was always a force to be reckoned with, but her role as Jinx Johnson in the aforementioned film gave her the title of one of the best Bond girls of all times. She has a curvaceous body, a license to kill, and a whole bunch of epic comebacks that made her into that feisty girl we all know and love.

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“Die Another Day” wasn’t a particularly great movie overall, but the females in it made it quite memorable nonetheless. Aside from Halle, Rosamund Pike left a strong impression as Miranda Frost, while the original soundtrack was done by none other than Madonna herself.