A romantic scene is the ingredient that makes some movies worth watching. Sadly, some directors ruin an otherwise perfect scene with cliché teasers. However, there are many other romantic movies that will forever stay in our minds simply because of one or two well played scenes. How does your list of best romantic movie scenes stack up against those mentioned below?

1. Titanic


Rose and Jack’s embrace on the prow of the Titanic serves as one of many memorable moments in the hit movie. Truly, it has inspired many couples to go for boat ride kisses.

Celine Dion’s “My Heart Will Go On” would have been a hit without the show, but this beloved scene made it an even bigger hit – the countless cheesy renditions of this song is a testament to the song’s and scene’s attraction.

But, cheesiness aside, the lovers’ seemingly endless kiss is one of movie’s most romantic kisses – it might be because we know their lives hang in the balance.

2. When Harry Met Sally


Can men and women enjoy the bonds of friendships without the temptation of sex? This movie sought to answer this question more than a decade ago.

It tracks the progress of Harry and Sally – a pair of neurotic Manhanttanites – as they go from enemies, to friends, to lovers.

The movie ultimately proves that sex is always the bond that unites men and women, but the progression of the plot is what kept viewers hooked.

The scene where Harry finally declares his true love for Sally – at the end of the movie of all places- is enough to make even the most cynical person shed a few tears.

3. Romeo + Juliet


One of Shakespeare’s classic romantic tragedies, Romeo and Juliet gets a Hollywood makeover.

Romeo is impulsive, brash and has a tendency to act in the heat of the moment rather than think things through.

Juliet, in contrast, is level-headed and cautious. From the very beginning of the film, Romeo is portrayed as a hopeless romantic, whose fantasies of love have him stuck in his own little world.

It makes the meeting of the main characters all the more potent; who ever thought a fish tank could be so romantic? From that very first meeting, viewers become hooked as Romeo begins to comprehend the true passion and depth of love.

4. The Notebook


Critics have referred to this film as a cheesy chick flick. While it doesn’t take 20-20 vision to guess how the story turns out, it’s a film that will definitely play on your emotions.

It tells a complete story from beginning to end. Noah is a boy from the wrong side of the tracks who makes a predictable mistake of loving a beautiful and rich girl.

The predictable nature of the story ends there as Noah does a series of antics to catch Allie’s attention. The many heart-rending love scenes make it difficult to choose just one.

5. Say Anything


That moment when John Cusack used his boom box to serenade the girl of his dreams – it’s a key ingredient of young love. He forever set the bar for other romantic heroes.

The young hero makes valiant attempts to earn to heroine’s affections. The unexpected love seems very believable, and Cusack steals the show as he fumbles over his words.

But the scene that will forever remain cemented in teen movie history is the one where he stands with the boom box hoisted over his head blasting Peter Gabriel’s “In Your Eyes.” Viewers will never forget the look of desperate heartache on the young hero’s face.

6. Moulin Rouge!


Moulin Rouge is a love story rolled into a musical. The story revolves around Satine (played by Nicole Kidman), an entertainer and courtesan in the popular Paris nightclub who becomes the object of every man’s desire.

She catches the attention of Christian, a struggling writer. There’s the usual love triangle, which shouldn’t be so complicated due to Satine’s profession.

However, she sincerely loves Christian and every moment he tries to get her to settle down becomes a romantic scene that grips viewers’ hearts.

7. Ghost


Who can forget about the pottery scene in one of the most romantic movies ever?

Watch that movie a dozen times and you’ll never get tired of that particular scene – it’s one to make you blush and wish for that type of love.

Of course, there are other heart-tugging scenes in the movie, like when Sam and Molly say their final goodbyes – you’re sure to shed a few tears. The emotion Sam (the Ghost) still has for Molly is very much alive, and it’s particularly evident in that pottery scene.

8. Casablanca


Casablanca is as classic as movies come, but it still remains one of the most heart-breaking on-screen love stories you’ll ever see.

The story, cast, dialog, and direction of this film all come together to create a movie that stands the test of time.

It’s a wartime tribute filled with lots of suspense, action and an unexpected ending. The snappy lines are ones movie buffs will never forget.

But it’s the romance of two star-crossed lovers that tugs at most hearts – even cynical ones. The lovers are reunited in Casablanca after spending many years apart. What should have been a perfect reunion was marred by a major complication. Viewers longed for Rick and Ilsa to stay together, but Bogart was too much of a gentleman to pursue a married woman.

9. The Wedding Singer


While the plot of this movie leaves a lot to be desired, there are a couple of romantic scenes that make the film worthy of this list.

This is another one of those movies where the people who like each other never realize it until the last possible minute.

Robbie and Julia are good friends – then Robbie decides that he has to stop her from marrying her cheating fiancé.

The chemistry between Drew Barrymore and Adam Sandler is always phenomenal, so the movie makes for an endearing and romantic conclusion when Robbie crashes Julia’s flight to sing her a song he’s written: “I Want to Grow Old With You.”

10. Sleepless in Seattle


Meg Ryan knows good romance. She plays Annie, who already has a perfect man all ready for marriage.

However, she longs to find consuming love with her soul mate and takes a risk when she goes to the top of New York City’s Empire State Building to meet him.

Sam’s (Tom Hanks) son plays a significant part in getting these two together – and it works! Thankfully, Annie was willing to risk her heart instead of taking the safe route by marrying her boring fiancé.

The film was such a hit that the actors went on to make another romantic comedy titled You’ve Got Mail.

11. Shrek 2


This one’s for the young at heart. It’s hard to forget the many romantic scenes between crotchety Shrek (Mike Meyers) and Princess Fiona (Cameron Diaz).

The ugly ogres can remain beautiful humans if they kiss before midnight. But Fiona ignores Shrek’s appeals to plant a wet one on him.

Instead, she decides to love him just as he was when they met, so she doesn’t kiss him. They both carry on in blissful ogre happiness forever and ever. It serves as a potent reminder to love others without condition.

12. Bridget Jones’s Diary


Bridget Jones is the ultimate single girl. Her oddball behavior, crazy escapades and propensity to misconstrue the people and happenings around her remind us of ourselves.

So when Mark Darcy, the uptight but successful barrister, crosses the Atlantic just because he forgot to kiss Bridget goodbye, many hearts melted.

Watching Bridget Jones makes you believe that it’s possible to find someone who will love you just the way you are – even if you’re an oddball.