1. Jeff Bridges as Obadiah Stone

When you think of Jeff Bridges, you normally think of a laid back cowboy or a bourbon-loving outdoorsman.

But when given the role of Obadiah Stone, Bridges did not disappoint.

Audiences are used to seeing Jeff Bridges as the funny, laid back slacker, so this villain turn really knocked our socks off in the first Iron Man flick.

Not only is this character completely different in looks from most Bridges characters, but he’s different in attitude and even age, as well.

With a shaved head and beard, Bridges is almost unrecognizable and looks unquestionably older as he plays the staunch and overbearing rival to Tony Stark.

But Bridges is used to surprising audiences by taking on less than stereotypical roles.

The actor, who has been referred to as something of a “chameleon” for the way he takes on any role, has said that he likes to play characters that will surprise the audience and even surprise him as a performer.

Almost no one would disagree that his delivery as Stone certainly met those criteria, and it’s no wonder the portrayal earned him rave reviews.

What will he be playing the next time he surprises us?