19. The Princess Bride (1987)

It’s rare to find a movie as satisfying on so many levels as “The Princess Bride.”

It’s a legitimately sweet romance. It has some great, old-school action, in the form of its fun and clever sword fights.

And it’s anchored by a wonderful, incredibly diverse group of characters, which included some especially strong cameo roles. But this is a comedy list, and rest assured, “The Princess Bride” is pretty funny.

An amazingly quotable film, “The Princess Bride’s” hysterically taught us to never trust a Sicilian when death is on the line; that it’s possible to be mostly dead; what “to the pain” means; why you should fear being greeted by Inigo Montoya; and, of course, the joys of rhyming “mean it” and “peanut.”

Director Rob Reiner – working from William Goldman’s terrific script, which did a remarkable job of adapting the book by, ahem, William Goldman – gets the first of two well-deserved slots on this list with a film that truly deserves the label “beloved.”
We’d ask Mr. Reiner why he can’t make a movie like this again, but then we remember there’s almost no movie quite like “The Princess Bride.”