10. Madam Mim – Sword in the Stone


Madam Mim enjoys all things vulgar and hideous; hating anything that resembles beauty such as the Sun. She attempts to destroy Arthur after capturing him as a bird; luckily Merlin arrives just in time to save the day and defeats her in a wizard’s duel.

Her cheating ways and wicked sorcery made her a worthy member of the list. Mim’s character creation was Disney’s response to critics saying that previous animated films were too ‘happy.’

9. Cruella De Vil – 101 Dalmatians


Obsessed with fur! A clever play on the name- cruel devil. She had no remorse in skinning any animal to keep herself topped up with luxurious garments. Luckily for 101 puppies; Pongo and Perdy (with help from a few farm animals) came to the rescue.

Jasper and Horris were also great comic relief in this Disney outing.

8. Hades – Hercules


James Woods stole the show with his voice over acting of Hades. From his blue flame hair-do to some of the best dialogue a Disney character has ever had.

Hades is a class act all the way and proves that no Disney film is complete without the perfect villain.

7. Chernabog – Fantasia


Mr Original Villain from Fantasia! Much like a cross between the devil and a gargoyle; this all powerful demon is based on the Slavic god of night and scared many children with his imposing demeanour.

Chernabog has the reputation for being the most evil incarnation Disney films have ever produced.

6. Shere Khan – Jungle Book


Powerful and fierce, yet manages to come across with sophistication. His only quest in the film is to find Mowgli and eat him.

Shere Khan the tiger holds a vendetta against man and his only fears are man’s gun and fire; these are the two things that killed his entire family.

5. Ursula – The Little Mermaid


Ursula is a truly iconic character in the Disney franchise. A half human, half octopus creature that is the witch of the sea.

Ursula has a great sense of humour and is one of the only Disney villains to show any compassion towards her minions. Her hatred for Ariel is another story…

4. Prince John – Robin Hood


A bumbling lion prince with evil intentions. Robin Hood is one of the funniest Disney films and a great contribution to that fact is the Prince who ‘’Calls for mum and sucks his thumb and doesn’t want to play.

Prince John is depicted as a dictator who sent his brother, King Richard on a quest for the Holy Grail so he could take over the throne.

3. Captain Hook – Peter Pan


A villain that we can sympathise with. Captain James Hook spends his days trying to get revenge on Peter Pan for slicing off his hand, which was then eaten by a crocodile.

His many woes include the never ending pursuit of the crocodile that wishes to eat the rest of him; he also has to wear a hook in replacement of the hand he lost.

Captain Hook shows no remorse in killing incompetent staff, although he does hold a soft spot for Mr Smee.

2. Gaston – Beauty and the Beast


Gaston has great looks and strength to match; he is known as ‘the greatest hunter in the whole world’ and his arrogance is with him wherever he goes!

Probably the most chauvinistic character Disney has ever created; luckily they managed to do so in a very comical and light hearted way. His fight with Beast is of epic proportions!

1. Scar – Lion King


The most cunning and conniving villain to enter our list is Scar the lion. His successful plot to kill Mufasa is a powerful moment in cinematic history; that leads to the exile of Simba leaving Scar as rightful ruler of the pride land.

His wicked ways are something all villains should aspire to! The fight scene between Simba and Scar is a masterpiece. A worthy option for the number one spot in out list!