There is a fine line between a guilty pleasure and a movie that should never have been released, so bear with us as we create a list of movies so awful they should, in our opinion, never have seen the light of day.

1. Glitter (2001)

Without a doubt, Glitter is one of the most ridiculed movies of the last 15 years and its bad reviews reportedly caused Mariah Carey’s nervous breakdown.

Glitter is a story of a young singer who struggles to make it in show business after overcoming a troubled childhood.

It features amateur acting, writing and directing that few called a guilty pleasure while most critics and viewers called it ‘disastrous’.

Glitter was supposed to launch Carey’s acting career who might have wished to follow in Cher’s footsteps but ended up crashing and burning early on.

Glitter’s soundtrack was released on September 11, 2001, the film came out ten days later, and Carey rushed to blame its failure on the release date.

Granted, the movie wasn’t born under a lucky star and the fact that it’s full of stereotypes on steroids definitely didn’t help Carey’s career. It will forever be remembered as one of the biggest bombs in Hollywood.