2. Color Of The Night (1994)

One of the sleaziest and dumbest films ever made, Color of the Night tried to get on the Basic Instinct’s bandwagon and capitalize on the Sharon Stone sexy thriller, but tanked almost as bad as Glitter.

First off, there is the opening scene in which a clearly upset young woman is getting ready to hit the town but instead puts a gun to her mouth, and when you’d expect her to pull the trigger she starts performing a sex act on the gun.

Needless to say, she visits Bill Capa, a psychiatrist played by Bruce Willis, but commits suicide right in his office by jumping through a window.

Bill decides to visit his friend Bob, another psychiatrist who lives in Los Angeles, and joins Bob’s therapy group right before Bob is killed.

Bill then moves into Bob’s mansion and has sex with a mysterious young woman, played by Jane March, which is pretty much the point of the movie.

Not only is Color of the Night not sexy and not thrilling, but March also plays a stuttering teenage boy from the therapy group in the same movie!