There are many Hollywood actors and actresses who are constantly struggling to get roles in the best movies in order to increase their popularity and value in the industry. In this article we are going to talk about the top ten stars that are rising in tinseltown and seem to have the most promising futures in the film industry.

1. Imogen Poots


The blonde British actress debuted in a very small part for the movie V for Vendetta and then landed an important role for the movie 28 weeks later.

She is also appearing with Zac Efron in the movie That Awkward Moment.

2. Scott Eastwood


There are advantages and disadvantages to being the son of a famous star.

The good thing is that you can get in the business a lot easier, but the bad thing is that you need to live up to expectations.

Scott Eastwood has been doing a great job and showing his acting skills and has appeared in a few movies directed by his father Clint Eastwood.

He will also have a role in the upcoming war movie Fury with a cast that includes Brad Pitt, Jon Bernthal and Shia Labeouf.

3. Dakota Johnson


When you are the daughter of an actor and an actress you will certainly be born with the talent and the connections to get in the business.

Dakota has been in films like The Social Network and 21 Jump Street.

She will be the lead in Fifty Shades of Grey.

4. Henry Cavill


This actor was the star of the latest superman movie and he was also in the movie The Cold Light of Day.

Many critics are saying he will be one of the top stars in Hollywood in the next decade.

He was voted world sexiest man in a pool made by attitude in 2013.

5. Nicolas Hoult


He is also on the rise with movies such as X-Men first class and warm bodies, the story about a zombie that falls in love with a living woman.

He will play beast again in the latest X-Men movie Days of future past.

6. Lily Collins


This rising UK actress has been in movies such as Priest and Snow White.

Her latest release was The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones.

She also happens to be the daughter of musician Phil Collins and Maxim named her one of the hottest daughters of rockstars in 2009.

7. Alex Pettyfer


Most of you probably remember him from the movie Beastly, but this British actor has also starred films like Magic mike, I am number four and the butler.

A lot of great future roles are expected for him.

8. Rooney Mara


Her role in the critically acclaimed movie The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo gave her a huge boost in Hollywood, but she has also starred in the remake of the nightmare on Elm Street and side effects amongst others.

The girl with the dragon tattoo is actually a trilogy and the second film is being filmed soon.

9. Dane Dehaan


This young actor is said to be the next Leonardo Dicaprio and he has starred in quite a few movies with top Hollywood actors.

He was in Lincoln, Devil’s Knot, Kill your darlings and starred in the 2013 Metallica movie through the never which has earned millions of dollars in profit.

10. Jack Reynor


This young actor has already starred in some great movies like Delivery man, cold, and Dollhouse.

He will also be in the next transformers movie in 2014.

This movie is expected to be a box office hit that will give Reynor more notoriety.