There are many Hollywood actors and actresses who are constantly struggling to get roles in the best movies in order to increase their popularity and value in the industry. In this article we are going to talk about the top ten stars that are rising in tinseltown and seem to have the most promising futures in the film industry.

1. The Conjuring


Director James Wan impressed the world with this Amityville Horror inspired movie, it will no doubt be a regarded as a classic in years to come.

Back to the Old’s cool in scare tactics with some great acting to boot. Offering realistic FX and atmospheric structure, making this a deserved member of the list.

2. Mama


The Spanish are under rated for producing classic horror. Rec/ Rec2 were amazing films; much like this chiller.

Following two girls and their ‘Mama’. Offering a complicated script that is more than compensated for with creepy scares.

3. Carrie


A book adaptation from Stephen King (of horror) admittedly not as eerie as the original but offers plenty in the aspects of teen angst and revenge. Great viewing for teen horror fans.

4. Dark Skies


A new take on the Sandman and abduction; this film has had mixed reviews but the ending leaves a very unsettled taste in the viewer’s mouth. Surely what horror films are all about?

5. Warm Bodies


A great lead role for Nick Hoult, this film is different to most on the list but no less worthy. More of a Rom-com horror than spine tingle, Warm Bodies mixes cold blooded with warm hearth like no other!

A zombie that falls in love with his prey offers a contradiction plot that works surprisingly well.

6. Insidious


Chapter 2. The original ‘Insidious’ was a fest of startling jumps with a great plot twist at the end. ‘The Bride in Black’ was actually a refreshing spin on the generic concept of ‘the scary old lady’ and continues to explore the character’s origin without ruining the mystery.

The casting are convincing and to top it all off; the piano keys add an incredible sense of fear and isolated pressure.

7. Stoker


Park Chan-Wook’s film was an unexpected hit. What people expected to be pretentious and bland turned out to be a psychological thriller that packed a punch.

This did not do much in terms of box office profit but this offers mystery and plot points that would have made Hitchcock (RIP) himself proud, his classic style of direction was reportedly the main influence of the film.

8. Jug Face

Jug Face actor

A smirky title with a quirky plot. About a girl desperate to leave the backwards community she lives with, in fear of her being killed as part of a strange traditional sacrifice.

The anticipation and suspense of finding out if Ada’s baby is going to be OK adds real emotion to the film. It also gives the viewer a chance to empathize, an important factor in horror films. Watch out for the pit!

9. You’re Next


A delayed release after a 2011 premiere meant viewers had to wait until 2013 for full cinematic release. This had a low budget but proves that there is more to making a great horror than huge expenditure.

Eerie, gory and will make sure you lock all of your doors at night. Some of the death scenes are very original.

10. Maniac


Far from the shire, we see Elijah Wood enter into another creepy role which surprisingly suits his demeanor (Sin City?) The script is based from the killer’s point of view which engages a new level of sinister for the viewer.