Steven Spielberg’s latest and highly anticipated project just got its leading man. It has been announced that Mud and Joe alum, Tye Sheridan respectively, will be playing Wade Watts in the big-screen adaptation of Ready Player One.

The movie is based on a novel written by Ernie Cline, and it follows the story of Wade, a teenager who likes to escape his dangerous and horrid everyday life by playing Oasis, a globally networked virtual utopia. The players of Oasis can always count on an idyllic, normal, alternate life.

However, when the game’s creator dies, he offers the fortune he made on the game to the “habitants” of Oasis via a tricky and elaborate treasure hunt. Wade, just like all other players, decides to participate in the hunt, but he soon begins to realize that his competitors are ruthless and willing to do anything, both in the game and in the real world, to win the fortune first.

Other known cast members include Ben Mendelsohn and Olivia Cooke. Mendelsohn will play Nolan Sorrento, a representative of corporate thugs, while Cooke will be showing off her acting skills as Art3mis, a Canadian blogger.

If you’re a Sheridan fan, you can check him out in X-Men: Apocalypse which is scheduled to hit the theatres in May. Ready Player One will see the light of day in December 2017.