FX’s Superhero TV series “Legion” is off to an awesome and successful start. The main reason for this might just be the unique perspective on the whole X-Men superhero world this show provides.

Let’s see what’s so special about Legion and why its premier managed to land a staggering 3.3 million viewers.

A Different Perspective

The story focuses on David Haller, a mental patient who has been placed under the care of doctors to treat his schizophrenia.

But David might actually be responding rather logically to his newfound condition – like any ‘normal’ young guy would to his sudden mysterious powers/hallucinations.

How would you react should you suddenly realize you could move objects around with your mind?

Would you believe the doctors who are telling you that you are just having a psychotic episode? Well David did and so he chooses to pop his pills, eats his hospital food, accepts the therapy, and tries to ignore the visions.

Not the usual X-men superhero premise, you’ll agree.

A Surreal World That Defies Timelines

The main man behind Legion, Noah Hawley (who is also responsible for the amazing Fargo) has managed to weave a “surreal world that defies timelines and traditional linear structure, on in which its unreliable narrator can’t tell the difference between reality, his powers, or his mind screwing with him,” as folks at Esquire put it.

Although in this day and age, both TV and movie landscapes are being flooded with superhero-based movies and shows, Legion somehow manages to be among the most unique and most ambitious ones.

There are also already so many questions that are tickling the fans’ brains even this early on:

  • Is Jake’s pessimistic friend and fellow patient Lenny (played by our favorite Aubrey Plaza) actually real?
  • Is his love interest Syd Barrett, for that matter? (By the way, thumbs up for this beautiful Easter egg.
  • For those of you who don’t know, the Syd Barrett character was a named after Pink Floyd’s original singer, who was also briefly institutionalized)
  • Do we know the timeframe of the show? What year is it?
  • How does Legion even fit into the whole X-Men universe? (Is he the son of X-Men leader Professor X, like he is in the comics?

Stay tuned!