To many, 20th Century Fox’s new gem “Logan” had a surprisingly successful opening weekend grossing over $85.3 million domestically, while who knows how many more mils it snatched overseas.

But this wasn’t exactly a surprise to us.

So why did Logan already became the most successful Wolverine movie thus far?

The “Hugh” Card

As you probably already know, this is Hugh Jackman’s final Wolverine movie, which will indeed mark an end of one huge era. The fans simply want to see “the real” Wolverine one more time before somebody else takes his place.

As this is the last time Jackman will swing his legendary Adamantium blades as the iconic Wolverine, Fox decided to let Jackman and director James Mangold do whatever they want with this X-Men installment, so you know Logan is bound to be a rugged adventure devoid of clichés.

Plus, it is pretty much clear that the franchise’s future is currently rather tenuous, making fans all the more eager to buy the movie ticket and see this bad boy on a silver screen, as one should.

The R-Rated Magic

If you want to make it good, make it R-rated. It is as simple as that.

Logan’s estimated $85.3 million debut weekend, a strong 2.58x weekend multiplier and a solid 11% Thursday-to-weekend ratio, is actually a record-breaker, and we are positive this wouldn’t have happened if the movie wasn’t made primarily for big boys.

Logan, however, broke some other records as well.

It is currently marked as the biggest R-rated launch ever in March, while it is also the 4th biggest March opening weekend ever, leaving behind titles like Batman v Superman, The Hunger Games and Alice in Wonderland.

So yeah, the folks over at Fox played their cards smart and saw an added value in making Logan R-rated, finally providing the hardcore long-term fans with some real Wolverine action in all its R-rated glory.

Strong reviews and high gross followed, logically. Perfect strategy.