2. Iron-Man 3

Iron-Man was not the first superhero to make the jump from comic books to big screen, but he could be credited as the superhero that sparked the mad rush of comics-to-screen movies we have been experiencing of late.

After all, Iron-Man had it all: a vain narcissist that also happens to be a genius who goes through a catharsis after being confronted with the fact that his creations are being used against the people he created them for, all because of a right-hand-man who succumbed to greed.

Throw in the witty dialogue and awesome CGI effects, and boom! You have yourself a hit.

But the curse of sequels seems to strike down those who are highest. In the case of Iron-Man, it was tough deciding exactly which one of the sequels belonged on this list. Both Iron-Man 2 and Iron-Man 3 were tough to get through, but in the end, Iron-Man 3 takes the cake.

Not only was the third installment pretty poor in the plot department (scorned nerd decided to take revenge on Stark because he got stood up?!), but it seemed that the cast of the film just didn’t have their hearts in it. Not to mention the film reduced Ben Kingsley to a doped up flunky instead of the badass villain we were hoping for. How dare you Iron-Man 3.