“Dear God… there walks a dead man!” says Horace’s lawyer Thoyt. “Who is that?” Zilpha’s evil husband Thorne asks. “Hell…” she utters, “…opened up.”

If you are looking for the next truly awesome, horrid, a bit absurd, but also ‘unmissable’ TV show, you will certainly find it in the new BBC series “Taboo”.

We are only ankles deep into Tom Hardy’s new endeavor and several things are already pretty clear – BBC is threading a rather risky ground putting Taboo in a primetime Saturday night slot, as it doesn’t refrain from using violence, bad language and racial slurs; it will surely become a huge hit; Tom Hardy definitely gives us the most “Tom Hardy performance” thus far.

Creator Steven Knight certainly knows what he is doing with this one.

Hard, Harder, Hardyest

As folks over at put it: “Taboo is utterly, utterly ridiculous. It’s melodramatic, stagy and desperately unsubtle throughout. But for all that, it’s also supremely watchable.”

Tom Hardy fits perfectly in this evil, dismal, grim, and above all violent world that Chips Hardy, Steven Knight and Tom Hardy himself created. In our humble opinion this is Hardy’s best and most vivid performance in his career.

He’s never been this theatrical, so downright strange, and so, so wicked that you simply can’t look away.

“I’ve witnessed and participated in darkness that you cannot conceive,” his character James Keziah Delaney says in the trailer and this sentences is probably the best depiction of what we are to expect from Taboo.

So, if you like a good old violent and downright dark vengeance story, an 1800’s London setting, dismal atmosphere, and colorful characters – Taboo should certainly be your next destination.

We’re hooked already.