It all seems like DC is preparing to give Marvel a run for its money. With multiple upcoming movies on both sides, there’s no telling for how long this duel is going to last or how many great superhero movies will it produce.

Nevertheless, there’s another side to DC that’s going to be entertaining both for the youth interested in toys and for the hardcore fans of the original comic books.

Yes, we’re talking about the upcoming “LEGO Batman” movie, but you’ll never guess which actor will lend his voice to one of the most famous character in the franchise.

The Hollywood Reporter reveals that Zach Galifianakis is set to voice all-time favorite villain The Joker. This puts him in the same basket as Michael Cera, who will use his vocal skills to portray Robin, and Will Arnett, whose voice we’ll hear in the titular role.

Galifianakis certainly had a nice run so far. Since “The Hangover,” people got used to his awkwardness, which only shined even more in the sequels of the said movie, as well as “Dinner for Schmucks,” and “Birdman.” Now let’s see him put his awesome talent to voicing the cynical and utterly insane Joker.