Another Hollywood name joined the fast-growing list of talented people attached to a very special project titled The Big Sick.

Famed actress Zoe Kazan is set to join the cast of The Big Sick, writer Judd Apatow’s newest project.

Apart from Kazan and Apatow, writer Emily V. Gordon also joined the crew as a writer and she will get a dynamic boost from Kumail Nanjiani, who will be also showing off his acting skills on the big screen as well. The movie will be directed by The State veteran Michael Showalter.

Nanjiani based the script on his and Gordon’s real-life marriage, and the story of the movie will show through how much trials and tribulations the pair went to be together.

If you want to check out Kazan before this flick’s premiere, you can see her in There Are Monsters and My Blind Brother, a comedy, in a couple of months. She was last seen in Our Brand Is Crisis.